What You Need to Know before Taking Abortion Pill

By Selena Gerrish

November 14, 2018PregnancyNo comments

Seven billion people on this planet mean seven billion different views and opinions on a variety of topics. And we can never know who is right because everyone has various reasons for their beliefs and decisions. The termination of pregnancy is a topic that has been debated for decades. It seems it will be a subject of discussion for many, many years.

Apart from moral dilemmas, every state in the world has different laws about abortion. Also, there are conventions in international documents on the right to life, but also women’s rights. As you may suppose, these are confronted about the abortion issue. Therefore, it is a very sensitive topic.

As for the United States, you can find trusted clinics and health centers for safe abortion in Charlotte, Washington, NY City, San Francisco, and any other bigger city. Be extremely careful when choosing where to do this procedure. Your health and safety should be the priority.

Abortion Is Your Right

Safe, medically justified, and done in registered clinics, abortion should be a right of every woman. She can talk to her husband, family, doctor or whoever, but the final decision is up to her. There are many reasons why someone decides on this procedure, and we won’t discuss that.

It is essential that women decide on this step after a detailed medical examination. Your doctor should determine how safe it is to terminate the pregnancy. As with any medical intervention, the sooner, the better, if that’s your final decision.

Also, as with any procedure, a risk exists, but it is minimal. Medically observed, abortion is the safest medical intervention, if you choose to do it in registered clinics, with the help of experts. Besides the surgical procedure, there is one more method which medicine approves – the abortion pill. Its use depends on the age of the fetus and the woman’s health condition. Any other practice is considered illegal and criminal act.

Facts about Abortion Pill

You can’t find abortion pills in a free sale; they are only available to clinics and health centers registered for the safe operation of this procedure.  These are, in fact, two pills, which contain antiprogestins and prostaglandins. Their combination stops the fetus development and leads to the elimination of fetal tissue from the uterus.

First, a doctor will give you a certain amount of antiprogestins. This component binds progesterone receptors, a hormone that helps maintain pregnancy. Which other functions this hormone has, read on this page. Antiprogestins prepare the female organism for the taking of prostaglandins, which will cause miscarriage.

Both pills should be taken at intervals of 36 to 48 hours. The abortion occurs after only a few hours, and it is necessary to come to regular checks 3 weeks after the procedure, to check if everything is removed from your uterus.

Pill Method Is Less Complicated

Risk of infection or injuries during abortion pills procedure is minimal. As a combination of oral and vaginal applications, it is safe to use if the abortion is carried out under sterile conditions.

There is no need for anesthesia since the intervention is painless. The pain will occur after a few hours, when the abortion starts.

It is recommended that you use contraception one time after taking the pill. Because of temporary hormonal disorder, your body is susceptible to infection, and you have to protect yourself in all possible ways. Work on immunization to speed up the recovery process.

It will hurt

girl seating in tensed poseAlthough taking abortion pills is a non-invasive method, pain is inevitable. It is stronger than with a surgical procedure, it lasts longer, and it is possible that you will bleed more. If you worry about complications, visit your doctor. Medical supervision is necessary for several weeks after intervention.

As with taking other medicines, it is possible that the active ingredients cause side effects such as tiredness, vomiting, and dizziness. Pain and cramps should not take longer than 2 or 3 days; if they become unbearable, consult a doctor who will recommend you some analgesic.

Occasional bleeding is possible, even within a few weeks after taking the pills. The body needs time to balance the level of hormones, or to re-establish regular periods. 

Soon after taking the pill, a woman can get pregnant again. Although this method is proven, it doesn’t represent a form of contraception. So take care of your health, and think of your future.

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