Tips to Beat Alcohol Addiction

By Selena Gerrish

August 10, 2018Mental HealthNo comments

You could come to a Pensacola alcoholics anonymous meeting to start to get your life together, or you might find a meeting that is best for you after you have moved to the area. You could meet someone who will help you have a better recovery, and there are some people who will want to make friends with you so that you can all come together to recover.

1. You Have to Be Patient

You have to be patient with your recovery because it cannot get any better if you are trying to recover as fast as you can. You also know that there is no way for you to get better right away, and you do not want to be the person in your meetings who is trying to force the issue. You must ask people to help you stay accountable so that you are not moving so fast.

2. You Have to Get Help

You have to get help that will be consistent for you. Going to an AA meeting is not the only way to recover. In fact, you need to remember that a meeting is just one way to get better. You need to be accountable to someone, and you need to work with people who will make sure that you are doing what you are supposed to. This also means that you are helping them so that you always have recovery on your mind.

3. You Need to Be Honest

You need to be honest with the people that you are in the meetings with because they let you talk. You have to let all your feelings out because there are things that you cannot fix on your own. People usually have perspective that you need, and they will give you that help while you talk in the meetings. They know why your recovery could be hard, and they will talk to you about what has happened to them that makes a difference in their recovery.

4. Prepare for A Longer Recovery

Recovery is not a fast process, and it could take you the rest of your life to get your recovery together. You will always have a struggle with your addiction, and that means that you need to work with people who will guide you through this lifelong process. Picking the right meeting location helps, and you must be ready to deal with recovery even decades after you finally got clean.

5. Change Your Diet

You might want to change your diet so that you can make a complete lifestyle shift. Someone who changes their diet is usually much happier with their body because they are eating well, and they have space in their life to do other things besides drink. You will start losing weight just because you are not consuming all the empty calories from alcohol, and you will find that changing your diet allows you to create a routine that helps you stay sober.

6. Exercise

You should make certain that you have found some kind of exercise routine that is good for you. You could walk or run, or you might join a gym. There are people who start exercising because that takes up the time that you were using to drink. You do not have the time to drink because you are working out, and your exercise program will make it easier for you to keep up with a routine that is healthy.

7. Change Your Habits

You cannot go to the same places that you were going before because there are people that will suck you back into the alcoholic lifestyle. You might even need to change some of your friends. You need a support system, but you need people on your side who would never let you drink ever again. You need to have people that you can go out with who take you to new parts of town, and you must ask these people to check in with you so that you are behaving well.

8. See A Therapist

The group that you go to will feel like therapy because you get to talk, but that does not mean that you are getting the clinical treatment that you need. You must remember that you can completely change how you live your life if you have a therapist in your corner who will tell you what to do. They will talk to you about how you could learn to cope, and they will check in with you just like the people in your meetings do. There are likely feelings buried that you have never dealt with before, and you must remember that you cannot avoid those feelings because they keep coming up.

9. Have A Mentor

You must find a mentor when you go to the meeting that you believe is best for you as a person. The person that you talk to is your mentor who will tell you how to deal with your addiction because they have been through it. Mentors are very good for you as you try to change your life because your mentor will tell you what can be done to Get better.

10. Repair Your Relationships

You must be willing to right the wrongs that you have done in the past because of your addiction. You need to repair your relationships, and you must speak to the people in your life so that they know you are sorry. This is the hardest thing for you to do because it requires so much vulnerability, but you have no choice if you want to get better.

The AA meetings that you attend are only the beginning of a complete change in your life. You must follow all the steps above so that you can have a new life. You can get your relationships back in order, get a job, and keep a routine that is good for you. You must remember that you can use the AA meetings as a starting point.

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