The Real Reason You Should be Worried About the Side Effects of Drugs

By Selena Gerrish

November 11, 2018DrugsNo comments

Have you ever found yourself experiencing some kind of reaction from a medication that you took that wasn’t expected? Such reactions, which are sometimes unpleasant, are known as side effects. You might have wondered what the deal is about side effects. Why shouldn’t you take some medicines when breastfeeding? Why does Invokana cause amputations? There are many other questions related to side effects that must be considered before taking any medication, especially new or revised prescriptions.

Side Effects Common with All Drug Types

drug typesThis kind of effect can happen with both prescription and nonprescription drugs. Your doctor could, for example, give you a prescription for Lisinopril, which is used to treat high blood pressure. What you expect is that the medicine will act primarily on your blood pressure and nothing else. However, as soon as you begin to take it, you begin to develop a dry cough. A cough is what is known as a side effect. Although the medication does what it was designed to do, which is bring your blood pressure back down, it has some other effect which is besides what the intended effect of the medication was. That is what is known as the side effect.

Side effects can be different from one individual to the next, depending on their specific medical condition. Such factors as the person’s weight, age, gender, ethnicity, and various other factors will also determine the kind of reaction they have to the medication. Typically, when you look on the side of the packaging containing the medicine, you will see a printed list of the common and significant side effects of the medication.

Refer to Medication Guides

mediclaim guidesSo what happens when the potential side effects that you could get from medication could be disastrous? In that case, something called a Medication Guide, which is special information for the patient, is required by the United States Food and Drug Administration. This will typically be included with the prescription for the medication. The Medication Guide will tell you about the potential side effects of the medication and the steps you can take to avoid bad outcomes.

Side effects are a natural part of medication, and they are pretty much here with us to stay. They can happen at just about any time. There are side effects that occur the first time you take medicine. There are also those that happen when you change the dosage of the medications. There are those that happen if you suddenly stop taking medicine or you stop taking it before you are supposed to. You might even get side effects if you begin to take other drugs and products, whether prescription or non-prescription, that interact with the medicine you are currently taking in a variety of ways. Many kinds of side effects occur in various situations. You should only be worried about the kinds of side effects which you have not been adequately informed about.

Consultation with Physician Essential

consultation with physicianYou should generally take side effects seriously because your pharmacist and your doctor take them seriously. Some side effects are so powerful and unpleasant that they could make the patient stop taking medicine altogether. If you are just about to start taking some new medicine, whether it has been prescribed for you or not, and are worried about the potential symptoms, talk to your doctor. They will know what to look out for and what you can do to mitigate the side effects.

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