Simple Products that Help You Improve Your Posture

By Selena Gerrish

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You may have heard several references to good or bad posture and how that we should maintain good posture. To help you get a better understanding of this topic, we will take a close look into it. While our ultimate goal is to show you ways that you can improve you’re your standing and sitting positions, we will try to provide you with a balanced understanding of the subject by breaking it down from the very top.

What is Posture?

In the simplest of terms, this refers to how we hold our bodies while sitting or standing. That’s the simple definition. There are a number of things associated with this subject and we will look at some of them in the following sections. You can however read an in-depth piece on a psychological angle here

Importance of Good Posture

There are a number of reasons why this is important. But before we go ahead to list some of these benefits, we need to first define what exactly we mean by good posture.

What is Good Posture?

This is not exactly standing or sitting straight like we hear a lot of times when someone is being told to sit up or sit straight though it surely gives the individual an upright stance. It rather is achieved when the spine is allowed to stay in its neutral position.

We can therefore infer from this that posture is all about the spine and the position it is in. Below is an image of the spine in its neutral position.

Image of a Neutral Spine

The image above shows the natural curves of the spine that must be maintained for a posture to be considered good. Below, you will find another image with different positions and how the spine looks when a person takes such postures.


Posture Examples

From the image above, we can see a few positions and how they impact on the spine. We see some of these everyday around us or we even take these postures at times. Why do we have to ensure we maintain good postures?

Good Appearance

While this may seem like a superficial benefit, it is very important. Standing straight and in an upright position has an appeal that slouching can never have. It shows confidence and authority which was why royals of days gone were made to undergo trainings to ensure they were never caught in a slouching position, a posture that is indicative of weakness, loss, and other negative attributions.

Increased Efficiency with Less Fatigue

When your posture is wrong, your entire musculoskeletal system will be out of alignment. When this happens, your body’s work efficiency will be undermined and this will result in consistent fatigue. Correcting this wrong way of sitting and standing will ensure your body works efficiently, thereby reducing unnecessary fatigue.

Reduces Joint Wear

The increased exertion that the joints go through to compensate for the reduced efficiency of the body makes them wear faster than they should have. With the spine it is neutral position, this will be deterred.

Reduces Ligament Abuse

Ligaments hold the joints together. As the joints experience increased exertion, so do the ligaments that hold them. This means they also work way harder, resulting in abuse. Conversely, when the joints work freely and efficiently, the ligaments are also the better for it.

Reduces Back and Neck pains

Everything we have described above results in back and neck pains. This is basically what Alexander technique seeks to address. Most back and neck pains can be totally cured with proper adjustment of how we stand and sit.

You can check out more benefits and a few suggestions for correcting posture here:

How do we come about bad posturing? We will discuss this in the next section.

Things that Affect Posture

Here are a few possible reasons why some folks end up taking body positions that put the spine in an unnatural position:


A lot of folks have formed a habit of sitting wrongly while at work. They slouch, lean forward and position their workstation in a manner that encourages the body to take a position that twists the spine out of its natural position. The longer this continues, the more difficult it will be to correct.


When a part of the body sustains an injury, the muscles in that area will try to guard it by going into spasm anytime you attempt to move in a way that will engage the injured part. While this action by the muscles is in the best interest of the injured part, your response to the spasm can make you take on a position that takes your spine out of alignment.


There are some disorders and diseases that can lead to this. An example is Scoliosis.

Psychological Stress

A person who is mentally stressed is very likely to slouch while walking or seated. They just can’t muster enough will to stand and walk erect.


Fashion enthusiast may like this. High heels can throw you off your natural balance. In trying to compensate, you are very likely to twist the spine out of its natural shape.

How can we Correct this?


There are a lot of solutions that different experts will proffer for this. These will include exercise, getting ergonomic chairs and desks, learning how to sit properly and also how to stand and walk properly. While all of these are correct and even helpful, many who have tried have found themselves struggling to remember as they easily slide back into their habit of slouching.

One simple product that easily takes care of all these is a posture corrector. You will find a couple of top quality recommendations on

What this strap does is basically hold you in the right position even against your will. You now have to work against its force if you want to take on your old bad sitting or standing position. When you have had this on for a while, maintaining this right position will be a lot easier.

For an easy way to get your body and spine into the right position, get this strap and it won’t be long before you can hold the right posture with ease. This is simply because your muscles would have learned this new position.

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