Is My Kid Doing Drugs? How to Find Out?

By Selena Gerrish

August 5, 2018Drugs ParentingNo comments

What are the signs that your son or daughter is doing drugs? Often we are blind, out of too much love. Because we think that our babies are perfect, that they cannot do so, that our son/daughter cannot do such a stupidity, cannot become the victim or the slave of drugs. Here’s what signs can trigger the alarm signal and check them by drug testing them at home – learn how.     drugs

Talk to your child about drugs … If not, someone else will do it for you

However, the reality is that drugs are everywhere: at school, on the street, in parks, in bars. You have to know whom to ask. In the temptation war, parents cannot be mere observers on the sidelines. As a parent, it is your duty to open your eyes all the time. Parents of drug addicts say they have not seen the signs so visible to others over time. Here’s what you need to be careful to:

The nose does not lie

Whenever your son or daughter returns home from a party, it’s good to have a little talk. We recommend a simple conversation, not a door-to-door fight and a carriage ride through different rooms, but a regular conversation, a face-to-face discussion. If only those in his entourage smoked, his clothes and hair would smell, but if your son drank alcohol or smoked marijuana, his breath would betray him.

If you smell marijuana smoke, it’s a sign of an alarm even if he did not smoke it himself; it means that his friends smoke and it may be just a matter of time. Moreover, if you sense the fresh scent of scent or chewing gum, you should ask questions.

Look closely

When a teenager takes drugs, there are visible signs of consumption. When you talk, look at his eyes. If she smoked marijuana, she would have red eyes, and swollen eyelids and the pupils contracted. If he has drunk alcohol, he will have dilated pupils and will find it difficult to focus. If his cheeks are soaked or very red, and it may be a sign that he drank. Injectable drugs leave marks on the arms but sometimes on the legs. If he’s wearing long-sleeved t-shirts in the summer, he can try to hide something. Read more here.

Cocaine drawn on the nose will also leave traces: the nosebleeds and the cartilage erodes. If he has strange burns on the lips or fingers, it is possible to have inhaled drugs from a metal pipe or a hot glass bottle. Bubbles or pimples around the mouth accompanied by paint stains on the body or clothes, the smell of chemicals or a continually flowing nose, and these are signs of drug inhalation.

Ecstasy pills produce teeth clumping, total disinhibition, and exaggerated symptoms of affection. If he is suddenly fascinated by sounds and images or drink plenty of water or playing with toys for small children, you have to ask questions.

Changes in mood

The script is the same: it’s Saturday night, and your son just came back from town. How does he behave? Is he restless or laughing hysterically for no apparent reason? Is he more impeded than usual or hits the walls? Is he sad, reluctant and unusually tired and too trying? Does he bump into the door? All are signs that it may have consumed something that was not needed: marijuana alcohol or other illegal substances.

drugs 2

Track their behavior over time. If suddenly he becomes angry, too silent, too tired, uncommunicative, and this lasts for a few weeks, it is clear that something is going on. He will probably be angry if you ask questions and insist on leaving him alone, but you have to find out what’s going on.

Check this out:

His plans for the weekend are strange, or he will not give enough detail about where he’s going. He may ask to go to a party and say that the parents will be the home, but he will not leave the phone number. He comes back home later and has a wide range of excuses that he can convey more and more convincingly. Even if you find evidence that you are drinking or using drugs (cans of beer in the room or strange pipe or long neck bottle). He will say that it does not belong to him. Something clearly is not right. Find out what it does.

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