How You Should Wear Makeup after Eye Surgery

By Selena Gerrish

December 22, 2015Eye CareNo comments

Many women would agree that the decision to give up on makeup routine for some time is certainly not easy to be made. This is true even when it comes to post-eye surgery aftercare, even though makeup products are potentially dangerous for your health in that period. If you are one of those women who think that they could never stop using their favorite mascara, stay with us. Here are some basic tips on how you should wear it after cataract eye surgery.girl doing makeup after surgery

Should I Wear Makeup After Eye Surgery?

The use of makeup is extremely important to many women, and that is one of the first questions they as patients ask. Many experts claim that wearing makeup immediately after surgery would just add to the bacterial load. This is the main reason for you to reduce the chances of causing some minor irritation or scrape, particularly when using mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner.

Many Best doctors ask for patients to abstain from wearing makeup for at least a week after the surgery – especially when talking about the three aforementioned products. On the other hand, face makeup such as lipstick can be used a day or two after the procedure. Also, even though it is possible for you to apply makeup 48 hours after surgery, the majority of doctors will advise you not to do that until 7 days after it. Besides that, you should be very careful not to rub your eyes when removing eye makeup.

What Should I Have in Mind When I Start Applying Makeup Again?

It is essential that you make sure that all your brushes are properly cleaned. Also, if you are buying new ones in order to avoid already collected bacteria in the old brushes – make sure that these are washed before you use them. The main reason for it is that they collect dust, dirt, and debris during production.

That kind of build-up can be transferred to skin and cause breakouts, which is even more possible after your surgery, since your eyes are much more sensitive after it. Warm water and gentle soap will do the trick and prevent bacteria accumulation.

What Kind of Makeup Products Should I Choose?

You should choose makeup products that are designed for sensitive skin. Cosmedix offers a wide range of corrective products that can prevent and fix some problems that are caused by imbalance on your skin. These are based on the most amazing natural ingredients and essential remedial.

Besides that, there are specific products for all your needs. There are numerous kits which consist of different products that are highly required – featuring post-surgery aftercare kits, too. Vitamin powders and cleansers go hand in hand with the rest of the range, providing the best possible care you need after the procedure.

girl doing makeup after eye surgery

Makeup Trends 2016 to Keep up With This Season

The beauty industry is constantly changing, thanks to its customers that are always willing to try its newest inventions. The cooperation between it and the fashion industry dictates the latest trends that many women try to keep up with. Here are some tips on how to achieve the gorgeous festive look for the upcoming holidays:

  1. Highlighter should be your best friend. It will make your skin look luminous and super shiny. Apply it under your eyes, along the nose, under the chin, and above the eyebrows – this will pull your face up and make it look slimmer.
  2. Shimmer will definitely add a touch a glamour and a pinch of drama to your look. Apply such a eye shadow just above the iris and on the inner corner of your eyes, and that will certainly make them look bigger and more open. Christmas is the best occasion for using silver and metallic shades.
  3. Black eyeliner is an absolute must-have, however, instead of thick lines or perfectly defined flicks – you should make it smudged. Apply your favourite gel liner to the lash line and smudge it with a spongy brush for perfect smoky eyes that will look more natural and subtle.
  4. Big, bold brows are very popular this season. If you want to keep up with this trend, just make sure that they look as natural as possible. You should not use a brow pencil that will make them flat, matte and solid. Instead, use a soft brow pencil to draw the hairs in, and then brush them into precision. This will certainly make them look natural and gorgeous.
  5. Flawless complexion and super-defined cheek bones are highly required this winter, and this sculpting look can be achieved in the best possible way by contouring. All you need is a contouring kit, several different shades of foundation and couple of brushes. A combination of darker shades for defining and lighter ones for highlighting is the favourite beauty trick of many celebrities, since it makes their face visually smaller and slimmer.
  6. Choose a red lipstick for your festive look and you will make no mistake. If you want it to last longer, you can use a tissue to help you achieve that. Put on a lipstick and blot it with the tissue. Then apply mineral powder over it. This will give your lips matte look. Then apply lipstick one more time and voila – it will last much longer thanks to this fantastic trick!

Most women are very reluctant to give up on their makeup routine, even after cataract eye surgery. If you are one of them, too – you should certainly consider put your mascara and eyeliner on standby at least for a week. This is definitely the best choice, since there are many potential problems that accompany their extensive use after the procedure.

Besides that, you should pay attention on the ingredients of the product you choose – just go for the natural ones and you will make no mistake. When it comes to the latest makeup trends, you should just make sure that a particular one looks amazing on you – this will make you shine during holidays.

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