How to Pick the Right Drug Rehab Center for You

By Selena Gerrish

September 23, 2018DrugsNo comments

Families are now in the midst of an addiction crisis in the United States, so it is often difficult to find the right place to go for detox and treatment. In just the last year, access to 14,399 alcohol and drug rehab centers allowed individuals to seek inpatient or outpatient treatment. Of those facilities, about 10 percent allowed patients to seek outpatient detox. More-so-now, addiction clinics are also taking a mind and body approach to therapy which is designed for long-term sobriety. How do you pick the right drug rehab center for you? Here are a few tips that will allow you to decide.

What Type of Programs Does a Facility Offer?

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Treatment and sober living today is so complex which is why some facilities like use a healthy mind, healthy body methodology for treatment. They also let their residents get college credits, which gives addicts purpose and vision for their futures. Take the time to research treatment methods a company utilizes as it is critical information that will allow you to make an informed decision.

Is the Facility In-network?

doctor talking to patientFinances are a critical factor as to why many patients do not get treatment. Studies also show that there is a connection between the time a person has access to treatment and the probability of a higher success rate. Ask a facility about out-of-pocket expenses after insurance ends as well as a payment option so that you know how to finance your stay. Luckily with ACA, an insurance provider will cover treatment at a private facility, but you will want to ensure a facility is in-network. Most companies will help you check coverage and seek payment confirmation, which will allow you to focus solely on sober living.

What Type of Evidence-based Programs Are Available?

girl prayingAddiction is often more complex than the drugs an addict takes, which is why it is vital that professionals overcome the challenges of underlying issues. Some facilities use empirical treatment programs that support a mind and body approach by using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) to help professionals determine why someone takes drugs as well as any observable behaviors that are present that influences such decisions. You must always take the time to find out what methodologies are used, so you know how to support your treatment long-term.

Is Outpatient Support Available?

Never assume treatment ends when an addict leaves rehab. It will be a lifetime struggle to maintain sobriety which is why accessibility to outpatient support is critical. Will you have access to meetings, individual or family counseling or sober living? The more extensive an outpatient program is, the higher the likelihood that sobriety will be successful. As many addicts can attest, it is the network a facility helps them built that determines how they respond when receiving outpatient treatment. A facility must:

  • Offer safe detox
  • Provide inpatient treatment and outpatient programs
  • Access to hospitalization for detox (insurance covers detox as medical care)
  • Long-term aftercare

After you create a short list of candidates, take the time to visit facilities, meet the staff and check accreditation and certification as the information will validate services and quality of care.

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