Causes and Symptoms of Enlarged Uvula

By Selena Gerrish

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Enlarged uvula is not a very common disease but people who have a history with tonsil, throat problems and nasal problems are likely to be seriously affected by it. It may happen so that one would develop it over and over again due to his body’s susceptibility to the causes that trigger the problem.
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What is Enlarged Uvula?

It is also commonly called is the inflammation of the soft fleshy organ in the mouth that hangs from the soft palate. As the name of the problem would suggest, It increases in its size considerably due to various reasons and the stage is termed as enlarged uvula.

What are the causes of swollen uvula?

There are several factors that can cause this. The most common causes of it are dehydration, viral and bacterial infection and tonsillitis. Throat diseases can also cause it but that is not classified as a highly common cause. Dehydration leads to dryness of the mouth which then causes tissue inflammations and triggers the uvula to get inflamed hence enlarged. Dehydration can be a direct consequence of excessive drinking or lack of adequate water during winters or losing too much of water through perspiration during summers. Smoking can also cause dryness of the mouth which is one of the causes of this disease.

Tonsils which are located just next to the uvula in the mouth can have major impacts. Any tonsil related problems can often affect it leading to a swollen inflammation. Viral and bacterial infections are not highly common but certainly not rare. Throat diseases or some adverse effects of some throat surgery or tonsillectomy can also cause it.

What are the symptoms of swollen uvula?

The most obvious symptom would be the visible inflammation. It would have a significant increase in its size and the color would often turn very reddish. Apart from this obvious symptom of enlarged uvula, an individual is likely to feel pain in the throat, would struggle to swallow food. Even drinking water can create a painful and irritating sensation in the throat and around the region of it. Often, someone who is suffering from this disease would have a hoarse voice, would have vomiting tendencies and would feel like coughing all the time. Headache and sore throat are also very common symptoms of an enlarged uvula.

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