7 Ways to Tone Your Butt

By Selena Gerrish

May 7, 2019ExercisesNo comments

Especially for women, the butt is one of the key parts of the body that they will need to shape, tone or enhance. It is, therefore, well known that problems with cellulite are always found in the butt. Exercises for the butt are among the natural ways to get rid of any fat deposit and achieve your goals of a well-toned butt. For individuals who might be looking for permanent and safe ways to firm and tone their butts, below are 7 best exercises for glutes that will help you. Always remember that you need to perform your exercises in an orderly and correct manner. Make sure to do some warm-ups and stretching before doing the exercises to avoid injuries.

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Cardio for your cellulite

Just start with cardio exercises which is one among the simplest ways to tone your butt. They not only burn the fat and calories around the butt and your lower body but also other parts of your body that needs burning off the calories. The most convenient and easiest cardio exercise is walking. Also, you can also effectively use jogging to tone your butt and burn unwanted calories. For individuals who might be interested in getting rid of cellulite common in thighs, buttocks, abdomen, walking and jogging are the easiest and convenient to begin with. Furthermore, you can add hiking to burn more fat content in your body and work out your entire lower body.

Squat for your butt

This is one of the effective and efficient exercises for the butt and the entire lower body. Squat for the butt exercise can be done at home or in the gym with several simple equipment such as dumbbells, the exercise ball, and the barbells. Beginners who are doing the exercise at home should consider squatting with the help of a chair for the effective form of the exercise. Other types of squat exercises include the ball squat whereby you use an exercise ball which will support your back while you squat or you can perform your squat concurrently lifting dumbbells.

The Simple Step-up

This is another simple but important exercise you can perform to tone your butt. You can perform it on the staircase but always begin with the lowest step. This exercise is simply done by stepping up and down on one step of the staircase. Add some weights to make your step-ups more intense.

Strength Training

To tone your butts fast, you’ll be required to perform some focused strength exercises that will effectively work your muscles. Because these exercises target, your butt doesn’t mean that they particularly burn off calories and fat content in your butt. What they mostly achieve is a tone and firm muscle tissue which helps you look more beautiful.


Lunges are popular as well as an effective exercise for the butt. This method is more effective if you employ the use of dumbbells. This exercise not only will it tone your butt but also firm your thighs and hamstrings. An individual can perform lunge by being upright with both frets slightly apart and then stepping one if your foot forward before attempting to lower your entire body slowly. You should, therefore, bend your knees as your entire body moves slowly downwards. Stop when your thigh in the front leg is directly proportional and straight to the floor. Repeat the same procedure to at least do the exercise ten times. Dumbbell lunge is done similarly but with dumbbells in your hands. Improper execution of this method can cause a knee injury; therefore, consider to do it correctly.

Leg Raises

Lie flat on your back and raise your leg as you inhale. Exhale slowly as you bring them down but don’t let them touch the floor. Let your legs remain at that posture for some time which should be at most two inches above the ground. Repeat the same for at least ten times and do 2-3 reps.

Hip extension

This exercise works on the largest muscle groups of your body, the gluteus maximus. For its effectiveness, hold dumbbells and place it behind your knees. Alternatively, you can use ankle weights to enhance the intensity of the exercise.

Above are the key exercises for the butt which will help you attain your desired butts.

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