5 Reasons to Start Checking Out Pilates Websites

By Selena Gerrish

October 24, 2018ExercisesNo comments

Are you looking for a great Pilates site because you lack time to get to a gym for your daily workouts or you are just not getting the results you want? Do you need more than a Pilates workout? Here are five reasons to start checking out websites to gain knowledge about your health and learn the principles of Pilates that focus solely on mind and body wellness.

1. Using an Online Site Saves Time

tablet with google openedFrom work to family, life is full of distractions that do not leave much time for workouts at the local gym. It often takes more time to travel to and from than it does to take a class which is very inconvenient for most people. If you have small children, you also must hire a babysitter who is expensive. When you opt for an online Pilates website, you get to choose the time you want to work out. You also have more freedom as you merely need to log in and click on a video to get started. Pilates websites are worldwide, so you get to pick and choose the type of instructor or fitness routine that fits into your schedule.

2. Online Pilates Information Is Free

two girls doing exerciseUnlike your local gym membership, Pilates websites offer information, videos and tips that are all free. They are also more likely to try out Pilate-friendly products that make your at-home workouts more accessible. Moreover, they will most likely send you weekly newsletters that keep you up-to-date about Pilates news or moves that make it easier to maintain workouts.

3. You Have Access to Global Pilates Instructors

gym ballsLots of Pilates websites allow guest posts, which means you will get a blend of expertise from instructors, nutritionists or other Pilates practitioners. Some sites even maintain libraries that allow you to learn more about the 500 Pilates exercises that target core muscle groups, breathing techniques, concentration, body positioning, toning or posture. If you are an instructor, you will also have the ability to advertise your business to bring in new clients, offer Pilates workshops or participate in research that leads to new and innovative ideas.

4. You Do Not Have to Commit to One Method

girl stretchingNo Pilates instructor will give the same class as each one brings their own spin, which means you will get a different take on Pilates based on what part of your body you want to target. Websites also provide a mat or equipment-based routine based on classical, Reformer, contemporary and clinical principles.

5. You Get Pilates, Nutrition, Weight Loss and Health Information

Unless you want to pay for a Pilates class and a nutritionist, learning about body positioning, weight loss and nutrition are things you must invest on your own. Websites do not take that approach, so you get a blend of information that teaches you about Pilates, proper nutrition, weight loss techniques and health and body awareness.

If you have yet to visit Pilates websites, take the time to find a few that you like as you will soon learn that you have everything you need at the tips of your fingers to get healthy and fit.

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