Twelve Easy Ways to Burn More Calories

By Selena Gerrish

July 23, 2013Exercises1 Comment

How often have you used your full schedule as an excuse for not making any exercise in your everyday life? How long have you been planning to start working out in order to keep your body in a perfect shape? You don’t remember, right?
Burn More Calories

As a matter of fact the everyday life of a modern person is really intense. However, if you really want to work out you can always spent a few minutes in order to take care of your health and well-being. No matter what you eat and how much of it you eat if you don’t burn any calories. If you want to reduce your weight you need to burn more energy than the food you take would generate.

Here are a few easy and fast ways of burning more calories which will help you maintain a good physical shape. But remember that after all, your goal is not to become a professional athlete, but burn more calories, which will help you maintain your body in a better physical shape.

1. Spend about ten minutes for working out after waking up. There is not need of doing the whole range of exercises that you would normally do in the gym. You can choose only three or four but do them regularly for at least ten minutes a day. Try to choose different exercise in order to work for different muscle groups. Then make a few other exercises in the next day, and so on.

2. Walk. If you need to go somewhere and it is not far from your home or office, do not hurry and jump in your car. Get there on foot. The more you do that, the faster you will get there.

3. Use the stairs. No matter if you are going home or going to your office – try to forget all about the elevator and climb the stairs. The more you do that, the better. This is very useful for both your legs and thighs, and also for your breathing.

4. Try doing some physical exercise even when sitting down on your chair at work. The so-called isometric exercises do not require a lot of efforts but will help you make your muscles stronger. For example, when sitting behind your desk, tighten your abdominal muscles and then loosen them for about a minute. Do the same with your leg muscles. Some experts in the field recommend you do that with each muscle group at least three times a day.

5. Buy a pedometer. This is a small device that measures the number of steps you make, which can be both useful and funny. Try do make steps every day.

6. If you are tired in the evening and all you want to do is just sit on your sofa in front of your TV, try the following technique: try to do some of the isometric exercises that we already mentioned without getting up. Control your breathing because this way the periodic breaks between your exercises will make your heart and lungs work easier. Try to increase the pressure gradually, but make sure you make rests that are large enough.

7. Choose an exercise for each day of the week and do it for at least ten minutes. This is the ideal solution even for those people who claim they have no free time at all.

8. If you want to make things even simpler, choose the longest path to get from one place to another.

9. Find some company. It is proved that when you work out with another person, especially if they are not a beginner, you become more motivated and more responsible.

10. Play with your kids outside. If you spend some time with them, you will burn more calories than you usually do. Children are much more energetic than adults and this will make you move more. Not to underestimate the fact that your children will like it.

11. Go for a walk with your dog in the morning. Do not get angry that it runs much more than you have expected and you need to chase it around. After all, your goal is to burn some calories. So, if you have to run after the dog when walking it around the neighbourhood, that’s what it takes.

12. Wash your car. If the weather is warm enough, go outside and spend some time washing the car. Use your own hands instead of driving to the car wash. Any time spent doing an activity means more calories burnt. And this is exactly what you want, right?

Author Bio: Connie Jameson is freelance blogger and writer. She is a bit obsessed by healthy living and nutrition. She owns cleaning agency in Brent Cross but she spends more time to make researches than to manage her business.

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  1. These tips sounds great! and worth to try because most of them comes under the day to day activities. like washing car, playing with children. I loved all your tips and would surely love to add them in my daily routine. Thanks for sharing 🙂