Switching to Organic Juices is a Nutritious & Healthy Lifestyle Choice. Here’s why

By Selena Gerrish

June 27, 2016GeneralNo comments

Gone are the days when you’d get fresh fruits and vegetables in the supermarket; everything you get now is adulterated with chemicals. And with the ever growing stress and work pressure it is only natural that you’d be worried about the well-being of your loved ones.girl-holding-organic-juice-glass

Shopkeepers are compromising on quality, opting for the cheaper adulterated stuff, not concerned about the consumer’s health! This is why more and more families are opting for organic food i.e. food that is free from any other artificial substances. Tasty and high on nutrition, organic juice keeps you refreshed and charged up throughout the day.

Replete with so many beneficial qualities, organic food is a practical dietary solution to all your health related issues. Interested to know more? Listed below are some of the benefits offered by organic juices in a nut shell. Check them out:

Maintains the water content of the body:

Why bother with peeling and cutting when you can just blend and drink your favourite fruits! There is nothing better than a glass of fresh orange juice or lemonade in a sunny day. Organic juices are a pretty effective way to keep you water levels in check.

It keeps you hydrated and fresh, eliminating the wastes, enhancing the circulation of blood and detoxifying the body. It is a way better and safer option than the artificial packed juice you get everywhere.

Hassle free, easy and cost efficient:

Love eating fruits but hate peeling and cutting and all that stuff? Well you can just put them in a blender and pour it in a glass! Organic juice is a very simple and effective way of enjoying fruits and vegetables without the hassles.

It saves a lot on time and effort, a perfect breakfast supplement if you’re in a hurry. And the fact that it is saves a lot on cost only adds on to its appeal. It is much better that you drive to the nearby local market rather than the malls to buy your vegetables.

High on nutrients:

Organic food is high on nutrition providing all the nutrients necessary for the body. Fruits such as apples, oranges have very high levels of phytonutrients that can reduce inflammation, keep blood pressure in check, and also keep your cholesterol levels in control.

Also green leafy vegetables are high on vitamins and minerals. It helps make more blood and cleanses the body of the toxins. It even boosts you immunity and makes you stronger.

Daily dose of vitamin C:

A glass of organic juice is a much better option than those vitamin supplements you have to take every day. Vitamin C is an essential part of our diet. It strengthens your bones, detoxifies the body of all the harmful substances and is a great immunity booster.

It fights virus and prevents infections as well.  Citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges etc. contain high levels of vitamin C that keeps you fresh and energised all day long.

Prevents some serious diseases:

Organic fruits are low on calories and high on nutrition. So by eating organic you are automatically cutting down on calories. It keeps your cholesterol levels in check and ensures proper blood circulation thus preventing the risk of heart attacks or strokes.

It even keeps you pressure and sugar levels in check. Also there are many vegetables that prevent cancer! Organic juices make up for the nutritional deficiency in the body thus increasing your life span.

Fights obesity:

Shedding extra kilos is so much easier with organic food. Chuck the dietary supplements and switch over to organic fruits and vegetables, a very tasty yet effective way to lose weight!

Organic juices are rich in fibre and low on fat unless you add an artificial sweetener. Get that perfect toned body you always wanted with proper workout regime, diet and a glass of fresh organic juice.

Prevents ulcers and kidney stones:

Organic fruits have many antioxidants that detoxify the body of the many harmful substances. Also the high levels of vitamin C found in fruits such as oranges are an effective way to cure stomach ulcers. Drinking organic juice helps in better blood circulation throughout the body and even prevents kidney stones.

Healthy and glowing skin:

The many antioxidants present in organic fruits not only prevent ulcers but even keep you young and beautiful. A glass of fresh juice or a bowl of salad helps you be in shape and even reduces acnes and pimples! Very easy and effective, organic juices helps you reduce wrinkles, dark circles and baggy eyes naturally. You get even toned, pimple free smooth skin; what more can you ask for!?

Environment friendly as well:

Since organic fruits and vegetables are free from anything artificial, they are good for the environment as well! Farmers grow fresh organic fruits in the countryside, free from the pollution and din of the city. Completely natural and healthy, organic juices are a way better choice than packed juice boxes found at the supermarket.


Switching to organic food sure is a smart lifestyle choice. Buy a juicer,  and  homemade organic juices rather than the bottled fruit juices out in the market that make false claims about offering “100% natural” fruit juice. Also it is best that you compare the prices of the many brands of juicers available and save some extra money.

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