Stress Relief and How to Combat Stress Effectively

By Selena Gerrish

February 15, 2017Mental HealthNo comments

Stress is like a disease that eats you up from the inside out. It can be worse than a disease in the sense that it’s harder to deal with something you can’t physically see or feel. But do not be mistaken, stress is there and it’s waiting for you to slip. There are many people that go about their lives from start to finish with having to worry about stress (or its more aggravated phases). But for those that aren’t so lucky, stress can be a destructive force.

There are many implications that come alongside stress. Some people choose to eat when they’re stressed, others to drink. Needless to say, neither is a good solution and will have dire consequences in excess. However there are ways in which stress can be eliminated. In this article we will be looking over some great ways in which you can alleviate stress and thrive in a stressful environment.

Obviously, the main thing you want to do when trying to find stress relief in a stressful environment would be to get out of that environment. But as straight forward as it may sound, it’s not always that easy. Also, there are many things that could lead a person to high levels of stress such as the passing of a loved one, an overload of responsibilities in the workplace, or family trouble these stress relief solutions are universal and should accommodate anyone suffering from stress, regardless of the cause.


Yoga is one of the ways in which you can get rid of stress. There are many applications to yoga, one of the mains one being de-stressing your body. But you can also use it to de-stress your mind, as the two are interconnected.  Through yoga you can clear your thoughts and find peace.


Witnessing a seed grow into something full of life is something wonderful and through gardening you can achieve this feeling. It is a way in which you can take you mind off of your life for a brief period and concentrate on another life that is growing. Tending to a garden has been proven to be a very successful stress reliever.


Hiking is another way in which you can commune with nature to find mental peace. It also gives you a fast way to enjoying a reward that comes after hard work. The work you put in to get to the top is rewarded with the view you get to witness at the end of the trip.

Other hobbies

Stress can be combated with things that you enjoy most. These are just some examples of things you can incorporate in your schedule, but the list can go on with things that specifically appeal to you. If you like playing an instrument, spend more time doing that and enjoying yourself, but remember to leave your worries at the door when entering your jam room.

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