Top 14 Indian Food Cooking Hacks from Indian Mothers

By Selena Gerrish

May 9, 2016CookingNo comments

Ever wanted to try Indian cooking hacks to make your dish taste as good as Indian cousins? We have list of best 14 Indian food & cooking hacks, used by Mothers all over India to enhance flavour of the

Let’s see how they are able to make their Indian household dish so yummy by using the below cooking hacks!

Celery Seeds
Celery seeds which also called Radhuni in Bangladesh. Celery seeds helps to improve digestion. Celery seeds also improves the flavour.

Methi Seed (Fenugreek)
One of the great bitter tasted if consumed alone but adding it in fish curry would make it taste awesome.

Black Sesame Seeds
This tiny black beans will make sure that your dish becomes finger licking good! 😉

Garcinia gummi-gutta (Gambooge)
If you want to get tangy flavour in your dish then you should definitely add gambooge in your dish.

Best to be used in bean curry to make it smell great which will surely enhance your overall dish.

This ingredient doesn’t need to be described as it’s used in almost all the dishes around the world (or may be in other planets too 😛 ) Add it or use it for garnishing, it would surely make your dish stand out.

It’s mostly used in Gujarat state of India in the world. Try it once instead of sugar and believe us, you’ll not regret the taste of your dish.

Goan Vinegar
Want to transform the taste of your dish? Use Goan vinegar and your dish will get the most pungent, sour & strong flavour.

Garam Masala
To make your dish spicy enough, add Indian garam masala to it.

Dried Fenugreek Leaves
Sprinkle it in dal & curry to transfer it to amazing dish with enhanced flavor.

Get spicy and sour flavorful to your fish or chicken dish. You can also use it in ladies finger curry.

Add strong flavor to your dish by adding mustard to it.

Curry leaves
Curry leaves smells as good as it tastes when dropped it in hot oil. Get amazing taste in your fiery red fish curry by adding curry leaves to it.

We’re not sure about all but we found that adding coconut in any of your dish to have texture & to cut the spiciness of your dish.

We’re open to have more ideas & hacks on our above Indian cooking hacks article.

Please do let us know your views/opinion/suggestions in the comment box below.


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