Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Women

By Selena Gerrish

April 9, 2017Conditions & DiseasesNo comments

Human growth hormone is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland which is responsible for human development like cell and tissue regeneration. It’s the one which keeps track of the rate of our growth during adolescence and childhood. As we grow older,the pituitary gland starts shrinking leading to lesser secretion of the hormone. That is why people say that a person attains his maximum height around the age of 18 and after that he stops growing.human-growth-hormone

As of for a vague idea, this hormone is an amino acid, single chain polypeptide which is produced in the pituitary glands. Most of us must be not be familiar with this hormone but in Layman’s Language, it is one of the essential components used in steroids or in the illegal practice of using steroids called doping especially for enhancing athletic performance.

The Human Growth Hormone has a strong female influence as well. The level of human growth hormone for women are higher than men even though an average man is more muscular,stronger and taller. Shocking, isn’t it ?.

The evidence to this statement can be cited from recent studies which show that the secretion of this hormone is related to the hormone estrogen which is majorly found in women and in men it is present in very small quantity, Estrogen is that hormone which is responsible for puberty related changes in females.

The study shows that women before her menopause keeps on producing more human growth hormone compared to men of the same age because of her consistent and high estrogen level. After her menopause, it starts declining leading to certain consequences which we will put forth to light shortly.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone for Women

  1. Human growth hormone provides strength in muscles.
  2. Reduction of cholesterol level is due to human growth hormone.
  3. HGH does not increase your muscles or anything like that.It just gives you the tenacity to endure high level of pain.
  4. It also enhances the skin tone and flexibility. It adds a luminous touch of youth to elevate her spirits just like the clear water on a full moon.
  5. As already pinpointed in the previous point, it reduces anxiety, wrinkles and other signs of ageing. It puts an end to the boring abstract i.e aging, to a certain extent.
  6. Scientists have come up with anti aging therapy using human growth hormone for women, that means goodbye to the wrinkle filled face and say good morning to wrinkle free face.
  7. Better cognitive healing abilities are seen in women due to high level of human growth hormone.
  8. Obese people are kind of resistant towards human growth hormone and after some weight reduction,they get back on track.
  9. It highly reduces the chance of having a cardiovascular disease.
  10. Two out of ten women are a victim of insomnia. High level of human growth hormone in women is adequate to have a good sleep as low level of human growth hormone for women is definitely not a good news.

Symptoms to Deficiency of Human Growth Hormone for Women

  1. Loss of libido is rather a common symptom. The gradual decrease in sexual interest takes a toll physically and mentally eventually succumbing to mental pressure.
  2. Memory retention and the concentration powers earns a ticket way down. It becomes difficult to even concentrate for a few hours initially but the effect keeps on increasing like a plague.
  3. The youthful skin starts to wither like a rose plucked from the stem. The skin starts to become pale and quite dry devoid of that richness which once made her exhilarating every time she looked in the mirror.
  4. Even small amount of exhaustion would drain her stamina lowering her endurance to high work load.
  5. The chances of being a victim to a cardiovascular disease rises drastically irrelevant of age.
  6. The level of Low density lipoprotein a.k.a Bad Cholesterol starts rising then again increasing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.
  7. The body grows resistant to Insulin which is a hormone secreted by the pancreas which keeps in check of the blood sugar levels and deficiency of insulin causes Diabetes.
  8. The weight starts to increase suddenly around the waist. All the muscles starts to convert into lipids and fats. What does Human Growth Hormone do for women

Human growth hormone for women is an important requirement which can’t be neglected that easily. One can do workouts or enter in a session of Human growth hormone therapy to overcome the low level of hormone.

As it has been seen, the effects of this hormone is not just limited to psychological aspects but holds quite some relevance in the physical aspect too. Hence, one should always keep in check of the human growth hormone to avoid any misfortune in the foreseeable future.

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