How to Lose Weight Effectively With Swimming

By Selena Gerrish

August 13, 2013Weight Loss2 Comments

In the summer months thoughts begin to turn towards bikinis and swimming trunks and then inevitably, that winter weight that still hasn’t quite shifted.

Swimming is one of the most effective and most healthy forms of exercise, especially for older people or anyone with an injury or strain. So if you’re looking to get fit and lose weight, diving in the deep end with swimming is definitely a good place to start.

Can you Lose Weight  by Swimming Regularly

Whether you’ve been swimming for years or you’ve recently taken up the goggles again after a while out of the pool, one of the main aspects to losing weight is to exercise regularly.

The more swimming becomes part of your daily or weekly routine, the easier it will be to keep it up. Regular swimming will also help your technique to improve so you’ll be able to go faster and swim for longer.

Swimming exercises the entire body and is renowned for fitness, as little as 30 minutes in the pool will make a huge amount of difference to your body, helping you to burn calories, lose weight and relax.

Push yourself, but be careful not to over do it as you work out in the pool
workout in pool

Don’t Over Do Swimming Workouts

If you have just started swimming again, then don’t over do it. It can be easy to get carried away and do as many lengths as possible, but this will tire you out and could put you off returning to the pool again soon.

It’s best to ease yourself back into a swimming regime; little successes will ensure you want to go back to the pool for more.
Start with a few gentle lengths and then increase the distance and speed with every visit. Before you know it you’ll be hurtling up and down in the fast lane.

Push Yourself to Lose Weight

Once you’re confident with you ability and your fitness level, it’s time to start really pushing yourself.

Completing the same number of lengths every time you go will help to keep your weight under control, but it’s not until you’re really working that the fat will start to fall off.

Each week you will feel fitter as swimming naturally strengthens conditions and tones your body. Swimming is much less harsh on the body than other exercise methods you may have tried.

Investing in a swimming odometer is ideal for recording “actual” yards swum, the mind can play tricks when exercising heavily and this aid will ensure accuracy of your records.

Try alternating increased distance and increased speed with each visit. Your stamina and cardiovascular ability should quickly begin to increase and you’ll see the results when you step on the scales.

Enjoy Yourself with Swimming

Let’s face it, no one really enjoys exercise, but with swimming it is possible to have some fun while your work out.

If you’ve got children, bring them along to the pool, even the time you spend playing around with them will help to burn calories, and you’ll be helping to get them active too.

Look out for water-based classes at your local pool. There should be classes available for people of varying abilities, from gentle aqua aerobics to full on competitive racing.

Look out for classes that can make exercising more fun
swimming classes

Warm Up and Cool Down

Getting an injury can really disrupt any exercise regime, so before you start and after you finish your swim, make sure you stretch out properly.

Stretching aids massively in avoiding injury, stretching routines should aim to exercise calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, pectorals, trapezius, triceps, deltoid and abdominal areas.

If you do get any more serious aches and pains, have a few days out of the water and then start gently when you go back in.

Go Early

Though it may be hard to get up and out in the mornings, exercising early is great for burning calories and will help to get your body ready for the rest of the day.

There has also been some research done that shows exercising before breakfast can help you to lose extra pounds. But your body does need fuel to run, so stop if you’re feeling light-headed and always drink enough fluids.

Swimming is an affordable, fun and effective form of exercise, so if you want to lose weight, get fit and feel healthier, get yourself some goggles and jump in.

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2 Responses to “How to Lose Weight Effectively With Swimming”
  1.' Munira

    High Selena gerrish ! Read your beautiful aricle on staying fit & healthy i always want to apt to some routine of execerise and healthy well balanced nutrit diet but just cannot continue i am been trying to remove to oads of fat circled around my belly , theighs , hips but instead of shedding fats from this area its vise a versa coz i take lot of cheese , creams , butter etc etc rich in fats an on the other hand no exceresise at all , my consipation problem has worsen having joint pains feeling laziness all the time just can not work getting tired with just little amount of work. I just can not stick to any worl out or any thing for long its all short time therefore nothing helps me . like your article i have read so many articles but not emplified anything till date to stay healthy & fit . How you guys do it all the time its amazing to see slim trim & healthy people around us .

    Best regards/Munira.

  2.' Losing weight with Beans

    Very very informative.

    Definitly will use these tips with my Bean diet so i will lose even more weight 🙂