Learn How to Do Dumbbell Bicep Curl Efficiently

By Selena Gerrish

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A well-pumped bicep is like an eye-catching portion of men’s body and as a guy, you will always long for a good bicep. There are many biceps exercises you can do in your gym that will help you in strengthening the muscles and get it pumped up. Apart from regular machine exercises, you will find many manual workouts that can also assist you in achieving that dream although they would take a lot of time. So you can teach yourself about the ways of doing dumbbell bicep curl that is well known among experts.

Most of the experts suggest that working out with best adjustable dumbbells gives you the quick result as they put a good amount of pressure on the muscles of the biceps. However performing dumbbell biceps curl is not an easy task as you have to be careful with every move. If you don’t do it properly, you won’t get the proper result, so it is important to do it in a proper way. For starter, dumbbell bicep curl can do wonders as you can do it with a varied amount of weight.

Many people may recommend you to do various other exercises with dumbbells, but there is hardly starter level bicep exercises that can be good as dumbbell bicep curl. It also serves as the best alternative to professional level dumbbell exercise as it perfectly hits the muscle of the bicep. It is simply workout which doesn’t put a lot of pressure on your in muscles thus relieving the muscle from any kind of sprain. Experts suggest that you should avoid this workout if you are suffering from the elbow or lower back problem as it might enhance that suffering.

Benefits of Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Dumbbell bicep curl can benefit you in a lot of ways because experts believe that dumbbells spread its magic all over the body. These benefits are:

  • With dumbbell bicep curl, you achieve couple types of enhancement, and they are metabolic and mechanic. Metabolic growth occurs when reaches it epitome level allowing more storage of glycogen while mechanical growth occurs when muscles get contracted due to strenuous workout using a heavy If you are a starter then you are more likely to get metabolic growth however if you are going for reps it would overload causing enhanced growth rate.
  • While you work out with dumbbells in a bicep curl, it creates a coordination with your muscles leading to inter-muscular coordination and intramuscular coordination. In inter-muscular coordination, all your muscles work together that stabilizes the overall joint movement while through intramuscular motor unit and muscle fiber gets activated. So biceps curls slowly help in function all these activities depending upon the weights you are lifting.
  • During the workout of a bicep curl, the muscle tissue gets greatly benefited especially the elastic and contractile components. So when you start with low weight dumbbells, you start enhancing the power and resiliency of elastic component which is a good sign of development of muscles. However, when you start increasing the weight of dumbbells in the bicep curl, the contractile element’s force construction ability increases leading to the robust
  • In dumbbell bicep curl you only go through certain movement that helps you in targeting specific muscles which are mostly the muscle fibers of the bicep. The heavy pressure on them helps them to get beefed up after proper contraction. The compound movement with dumbbells gives you the ability to pressurize biceps.
  • In bicep curl, dumbbell helps in focusing a certain portion of biceps muscles that help you to activate the processing of strengthening. If you go with heavy loads, it will help you to force overload on the muscles which will ultimately lead to pushing up the limits of the muscles.

Doing Dumbbell Bicep Curl

Like many people, you may think that bicep curl with a dumbbell is intended for professional body builders who love lifting heavy dumbbells. However, this is a common scene in the gym but you can also do dumbbell bicep curl even if you are a beginner and start with a small dumbbell. Many trainers believe that it is one the simplest weightlifting workout that can be done by everyone to build a strengthened arm. So if you are new, you can go through following steps to learn to do dumbbell bicep curl efficiently:

  • First, you should pick up two dumbbells according to your strength, but you should not start with dumbbells that you can lift easily. Then you should straighten you posture in such a way that your back is straight and your elbow is very close to your body. You should spread your leg according to the wideness of your hip.
  • While holding the dumbbells with both your hands, you should lower your arm in a hanging position. Your palm should be in the forward direction so that when you lift up the dumbbells, only the muscles of the bicep should get affected.

arm and dumbbell movementWhile moving your arms, you should try to pull in your abdomen as it is necessary for proper effect. Your knee should not bend while pulling up the dumbbell from a lower position as it will disrupt the whole posture.

  • During movement of your arm with a dumbbell, you should curl your arm slowly so that pressure should directly affect the muscles. While pulling up the dumbbell, both the arms should come up to your shoulder although you need not touch them.
  • While lowering down the dumbbell, the pace should be slow, and you must not hurry as it might hurt your arm.


Final View

Before starting with dumbbell bicep curl, you should consult with your trainer who will guide you with proper weight. He will even guide you with the proper posture and point out your mistake.

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