How to Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Naturally?

By Selena Gerrish

June 30, 2016Conditions & DiseasesNo comments

One of the best things you can do for yourself is go in for blood tests at regular intervals, to find out you have abnormal blood sugar or not. This is especially important if your parents, or for that matter any of your direct blood relatives, have had a history with diabetes. diabetes girl

Going in for these blood tests keeps you on safe grounds and provides you with the opportunity to prevent the condition, in case that there is any sign of borderline diabetes. Yes, you do not have to be a diabetic, only because it is hereditary, you can prevent it using some of the best diet plans and live a healthy, normal life with your loved ones.

How to Avoid Type 2 Diabetes Naturally?

There are a number of people out there who are borderline diabetes, or have a history of diabetes in the family. It is exceptionally important for them to follow the tips mentioned here under to prevent from breaking into the level of type 2 diabetes. Here are a bunch of tips you can follow to withhold it from occurring-

  • Say no to junk food

There is nothing as deadly as junk food when it comes to diabetes. Doctors would rather let you have your favourite bowl of pudding but it’s always a strict no to junk food. These types of dishes are deep fried, high in starch, fat, salt, and cholesterol and sugar contents.

say no to junk food like burger

These aspects continually break down after consumption and keep forming more sugar in the body, worsening your diabetic symptoms. Hence it is important that junk food be absolutely shunned. Use fresh ingredients to cook your meal, every single day.

  • Get enough sleep

Optimum amount of sleep helps relax your body as well as nervous system, thus maintaining a harmony in the human body. Being deprived of sleep results in inefficient excretion of insulin, and other hormonal disorders, which lead to onset and aggravation of type-2 diabetes.

  • Avoid tension and stress

If you are eating healthy, staying fit and your diabetes is still at borderline, you need to work on reducing your tension and stress right away. These are exceptional contributors, working tirelessly at increasing your diabetes level.

  • Keep checking diabetes levels

checking diabetes using accuecheck

Keep checking your diabetes level every single week, without fail; it’s a must. This allows you to monitor your diet as well as activities. See what is going wrong and work on it to keep your diabetes level way under control.

  • Give up on alcohol

If someone is telling you that whisky is great for the hear, retort and suggest green tea as a better alternative. There is high level of sugar content in alcohol, which often leads to obesity, heart diseases and most importantly causes type-2 diabetes.

  • Check if you need medication

If you see that you are bordering diabetes it is a wise idea to get in touch with a specialist who can guide you as to whether you require medication or not. In case that the doctor prescribes medicines, it is important that they be taken regularly, without a single miss.

  • Eat diabetes super foods

The best way to prevent or control type 2 diabetes naturally is by consuming superfoods. Confused? We’ll tell you all about them. These super foods work in different ways to help your body make higher amounts of insulin.

Some of these foods include- non starchy vegetables like asparagus and artichokes, non/low fat milk or yoghurt, tomatoes, berries, citrus fruits like oranges, omega 3 fatty fishes such as salmon, flax seeds, walnuts and other seeds, barley, lentils and other pulses and legumes.

How to reduce type 2 diabetes naturally?

In case that you have been affected by diabetes even after appointing the some or all the tips mentioned above, it becomes important on your part to practice special measures that will constantly work towards reducing your diabetes level.

One of the best ways to do so naturally is by following some diabetes friendly diets that will help procure the desired results. Some of the most popular diets used to reduce type 2 diabetes are:

1. The Mediterranean Diet

The major components of the Mediterranean diet include plenty of fresh fruit and organic produces; it also includes a healthy splatter of olive oil, which is extremely beneficial for the heart and a sip of wine to gulp it all down.

The Mediterranean diet is a lot different than other diets and aims at making it fun person opting for this diet. According to the American Diabetes Association, this diet not only regulates and reduces blood sugar level, but also contributes together making your heart stronger and healthier.

Mediterranean food

2. The DASH Diet

This diet focuses more on vegetarian produces, including a lot of fresh vegetables and abundant amount of fruits. Other noticeable participants of this diet are nuts, pulses, legumes, poultry, fish and lean meats. Whole grains and cereals give this diet an added amount of value. The diet is rich with fats that are healthy for the heart and also helps in controlling blood sugar level and blood pressure.

3. Volumetrics diet

The Volumetrics diet is prone towards the consumption of fruits and vegetables that have very high water content. A noticeable part of this diet is soups and broths. Staples like whole grains are an important part of this diet as well; these are high in fibre and continuously work towards reducing your type 2 diabetes.

The best part about these three most popular diets is that, they not only contribute towards reducing or removing your blood sugar level but are also extremely fuss free and easy to follow. This is what makes them so popular and easily acceptable. Choose a diet that you like and work towards reducing your blood sugar level.

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