How to Get Rid of Snoring, Naturally!

By Selena Gerrish

June 2, 2016TreatmentsNo comments

Obstruction in air movement due to nose congestions or restrictions in air passes causes vibration of respiratory structure that produce the snoring sound. Reasons for these air passage restrictions are varied and are distinct based on the environment as well as the health condition of each individual. Snoring can be a regular issue or a seasonal one; in either case, proper measures should be taken to avoid its occurrence.


Why, you ask? – Snoring has been found to a warning signal in case of extreme situations for diseases such as obstructive sleep apnea. It also opens a possibility for heart related health problems.

Did You Know?

A vast majority of adults snore at least occasionally.

Snoring can be triggered by anything from a simple cold that block breathing airways to being overweight.

Apart from being a nuisance to you, it also causes stress in your relationships, as your snoring will give your spouse irregular sleeping patterns as well.

The Good News – There are several over the counter drugs and nose sprays that claim to solve the issue of snoring but natural methods are your safest bet. Here are some simple and easy hacks to getting rid of snoring completely naturally.

Avoid drunken slumber at all cost

Consumption of alcohol has been linked to snoring and should be avoided at all costs. Sedatives and alcohol relax the muscles present at the back of your throat and cause sagging, which results in blockage of airways and thus, snores. Ingestion of these items a couple of hours before sleeping worsens the probability of snoring as the full effect of alcohol or sedatives are felt. Tobacco smoke is also just as harmful as alcohol. It irritates the mucous membrane and results in swollen throat and blocked airways.

Lose to snooze better

People who start snoring after gaining weight should take this advice seriously. The extra fat around your neck causes airways to block as it sags when you lay on your back in bed. Shedding those extra pounds that crept in during the festive seasons is a confirmed ticket to a good nights sleep. Drink lots of water and hit the gym a couple of times a week. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle could be the simple and easy answer you are searching for to escape from snoring. Yes, It’s that simple.

Stick to scheduled sleep patterns

Working long hours without appropriate nap breaks gravely affects your sleeping patterns and snoring probabilities. When you do finally hit the sack, you’re too tired and fall in a deep slumber, which causes the throat muscles to becoming floppier just like the effect induced by sedatives and alcohol. Create a schedule that ensures a healthy number of hours of sound sleep and stick to it, rather than cramping in sleep at odd hours to facilitate a busy lifestyle. No matter how stressful work gets, sleep shouldn’t be the one you sacrifice. This effective measure not only helps to prevent snoring but also provides you with energy, strength and better concentration as well.

Nasal Passages – open up!

Opening the nasal passage to allow more air to pass freely can prevent snoring that starts at your nose due to a blockage caused by cold. Take a hot shower just before you get into bed to clear your nose and really open your nasal passage. To go the extra mile, rinse your nose with saltwater in the hot shower. Nasal strips are a great choice (not fashion-wise, but health wise) to help clear your nasal passage for comfortable breathing and enjoy sound sleep.

Gargling helps prevent snoring

Right before you jump into bed, gargle well with a peppermint mouthwash. This helps in shrinking the lining at the back of your throat. This technique is targeted at those experiencing temporary snoring due to a cold or allergies. An alternative to peppermint mouthwash is to add a drop of peppermint oil in a glass of cold water to gargle. The stinging of peppermint also freshens you up and clears nasal pathway as well. The benefits of good oral hygiene are just a bonus.

Relieve yourself of snores by elevating the head

Prop yourself up using a couple of extra pillows to prevent sagging of throat tissues, which is a common reason for snoring. Another method is to elevate the head of your bed by placing a couple of flat boards under the top legs of the bed. If elevating makes you uncomfortable, sleeping on your sides will also do the trick. Its impossible to stay in the same position all night but start on your side and hug a pillow to keep you steady. If that fails, tennis balls are an option. Keep a tennis ball behind you when you sleep on your side. This way, if you roll over in your sleep, the ball will remind you that you are crossing the line.

Remove allergy causing materials from bedroom.

Common bedroom allergens such as dust, pet danger and mold that increases nasal stiffness should be cleared from the bedroom. Regularly vacuum floors and drapes to keep them free from dust. Air fluff pillows regularly and replace them every six months to keep bugs at bay. Permitting pets to sleep on your bed causes you to breath in pet dander and trigger snoring. If snoring is a seasonal issue caused by allergy to pollen drinking a hot cup of tea made with herb stinging nettle is definitely helpful. It is believed to reduce inflammations caused by pollens.

Hydrate the air around you

Dry air is a common and often ignored cause of snoring in adults. The remedies are simple and plenty in number. A humidifier or a steam vaporizer in your room will solve the issue quickly and efficiently. Just keep in mind to clean it regularly based on manufacturer’s instructions to ensure hygiene. Another method is to breathe in the fumes from a bowl of hot water. Keep your nose roughly at a distance of fifteen centimeters to ensure safety. Do this just before bedtime to moisten your nasal passage for easy breathing.

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