Causes of Swollen Uvula After Having Alcohol

By Selena Gerrish

February 20, 2012Uvula1 Comment

guy's open mouthHave you ever tried drinking alcohols or liquors? Isn’t it great and fun drinking together with your friends and have the best time of your life? Yes! It’s one way to spend you spare time, but too much drinking is harmful in many ways. Also, it could give you ailments. One of the causes of too much drinking is swollen uvula which could be very painful and could give you sleepless nights and headache.

Our in-depth article on Swollen uvula causes with latest information on how to cure it:

It is caused by drying of the throat which results in irritation and itching. If this happens, it could cause some difficulties in swallowing foods and in the articulation of your voice. This is very painful especially when you endure it inside your body. There are many causes of this and one is being too abusive of alcohol intake.

Alcohol drinking is one of the things which are normally done by most of the people. It is their way to escape from stress which is probably from work. Or when you want to bond with your friends and love ones. It is also beneficial in some ways for our body needs alcohol content. But, it could be very harmful if taken excessively.

Effects After Drinking

One of the harmful effects of drinking too much liquor is that, it dries up the body including the uvula. When this happens, it is being burned which results into swelling. Since its purpose is to protect our body from any harmful microorganisms and viruses, it could no longer function well. Just for instance, if you drink too much, it could affect the entire system of your body that could cause you a lot of trouble. Alcohol consumption could not just give you this ailment, but it could also lessen your life.

So, if you want to prevent this from happening, make a way to lessen or moderate your alcohol intake. This is necessary to maintain the right acidity of your mouth and of your body. Keep in mind that too much is always bad for a person’s health and life.


For those who are already experiencing this, there are many ways to cure it. Example, drinking cold water can decrease the dryness and its symptoms. Also, gargle lukewarm water with a little added salt for this will help in lessening the pain and swelling. These are just some alternative ways of curing, but, going to a physician is still the best way to do it. Because this will give you the information’s that you need and in giving the solution for this problem.

With the world that we are into now, people’s life span becomes shorter and shorter. These technological innovations, discoveries and inventions in a way made life easier and comfortable. But, in the context of that, it also resulted to some negative effects that we have to endure. Just like in too much drinking, it could result to unending suffering. It is just of those effects. So, if you want to have a sound mind and healthy body, just remember that having too much is always bad. Moderation is the key to in having a good way of living.

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One Response to “Causes of Swollen Uvula After Having Alcohol”
  1.' Wendy

    I don’t drink to get drunk, I am the once in a blue moon kind of person who drinks the odd time. The only way I can think this is happening to me is when I ate something and it went down the wrong way,(food) and so this is perhaps causing this for me. I had strep throat back in Sept 2011, and that was a nightmare, because I was sick as a dog and ended up having also pneumonia, and pink eye. So I’m lost on what could of caused this to happen. I do know that I am run down, and I started to take vitamins again, and I drink this stuff called; Healthy Greens. I think perhaps its cleaning me out, (toxins) and my body is feeling the effects. Trust me, my doctor knows what I am on, now I have to wait and see what this progresses into.