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By Selena Gerrish

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Long and beautiful beard has become a trend today. Of course it is completely up to you to decide whether you should or should not grow out a beard. Every person has his or her own thoughts about the meaning of the beard, but majority of people consider it to be a symbol of manhood.

Robert Dawney Jr. Beard Dandruff Article


Growing out a beard is not such an easy thing, as it may see at the first sight. It needs to be cared about a lot. The skin beneath beard needs even more care or eventually it will dry and flake if you do not keep it well moisturized. But if you are an outstanding person and you don’t afraid of all kinds of difficulties, beard is for you.

And the most widespread problem of beard owners is dandruff. Beard dandruff is as common as scalp one. Actually it is normal, that some skin cells slough off, but it is called dandruff, when the number of these cells is high above the norm. In such a strange and uncomfortable for us way our skin gets rid of dead cells that we can see lately on our shoulders and cloth.

Beard dandruff is not a horrible thing and it doesn’t mean you are to give up on your dream to have a long and healthy beard; it is just one more a little bit annoying problem that you need to overcome. Dandruff in beard is not an easy thing to treat, but using some medicated shampoos and several home remedies it is possible to control it efficiently.

What Are The Causes Of Dandruff In Beard?

Scientists are still in doubt about what are the reasons of dandruff, but these reasons considered to be typical ones that cause dandruff: stress, cold weather, wrong care and yeast infections. Ultraviolet rays also are harmful for your beard; they make it grow much slower and dryer. The combination of all these problems makes you treat it carefully and spent a lot of time and money. Here are some more details about what provokes so unwanted dandruff to appear:

  • Pityrosporum ovale is yeast that evokes beard dandruff. This yeast lives on skin surface and beard protects it from ultraviolet rays that slow down the hair growth. Also, facial hair itself absorb moisture from the skin that leads to flaky and dry skin under beard, thus the beard dandruff.
  • Dead cells that are usually removed from your face after every day washing can stay in your beard hair and form dandruff.
  • Stress is one of the leading factors of dandruff provoking. Those people, who frequently suffer from stresses, are more prone to having such problem as dandruff.

Natural Remedies and Treatments on How To Get Rid Of Beard Dandruff

By just washing your beard with anti-dandruff or expensive branded shampoo will not be enough or the solution. All those shampoos are full of chemicals, which cause damage to your skin and make the whole situation even worse by irritating it. Such products are meant for head scalp, and not for your sensitive face skin. Using the same shampoo you’ve been using from years will not eliminate the dandruff on the beard; it will only make the problem worst & you’ll begin feeling irritation and itching.

How To Stop Beard Dandruff – Beard Treatments?

However there is one 100% way to get rid of beard dandruff – to shave your face clean, but that is not our way out, yeah? Your main goal is to keep your skin nourished and hydrated, and a good beard moisturizer will help you to prevent flaking of underneath skin.

So, as you can see beard dandruff is not a very pleasant experience. But it’s not an end of the world either. Sometimes simple home remedies can be the best solution for this problem:

Remedy #1 Baking soda


This multitasking product helps to solve many problems and dandruff is one of them. Baking soda helps to get rid of dead skin by working as a mild exfoliant.

Remedy #2 Aloe Vera


This natural wonder can help to keep dandruff under control thanks to its soothing and healing properties. Use aloe Vera gel to forget about itchiness and flaky beard. It contains all vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E that is also helpful in maintaining the skin tone.

Remedy #3 Aspirin


Aspirin is a valuable remedy for treating flaky beard due to the salicylic acid it contains. This ingredient is the main element of many anti-dandruff shampoos. But be careful with it and take into consideration the possibility of your personal allergic reactions.

Remedy #4 Lemons


Do you like to add lemon to your tea? Add some to your beard! Natural acids in this fruit help to keep flaky problem under control. Just mix it with a small amount of water and rinse your beard with this mixture.

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Remedy#5 Jojoba oil or almond oil


These oils will help you to keep your skin moisturized and nourished all day long. Natural oils prevent it from drying out and keep it smooth. Apply a small amount of oil that you like more every morning.

Remedy# 6 Water


It may sound strange, but simple water helps you to reduce dandruff. You are to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to flush out toxins present in body.

Well, only one question remained: when you should start to worry about beard dandruff?

When you saw a dead skin flakes on your face for the first time, you should already start some treating. Include good moisturizing and proper care to your daily routine and you will see the difference. Itching and irritation will disappear, and healthy and strong beard will start to grow. These all natural products will moisturize your face’s skin so that your beard can grow faster and easier, so you can bring your dream to life and have a long and thick beard.

Make everybody around say WOW without any efforts. Just use those products you have in your fridge and nothing more.

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