7 Ways to Help a Fellow Human Being Today

By Selena Gerrish

December 2, 2016GeneralNo comments

It appears that the world is slowly changing, but for the worse. Everywhere you look, there are wars, violence, poverty, inequality, and sadness. This alone is enough to make people wish never to leave their warm homes ever again.

clasped-hands-541849_1280-1Unfortunately, there are people who don’t have where to go – people without home, food, or any form of shelter. While your first instinct might be to close your eyes and turn your head away from such people, it is much better if you decide to act and make a difference.

Donate blood

Red Cross has a supply of blood, but they always need more donations, and for those who feel they cannot donate money or clothes, this is a way to make a difference and possibly save a life. Perhaps you know your blood type, but you probably don’t know whether it’s rare or if a hospital in your city needs it urgently.

Who knows whose life you can save this way – perhaps even someone you know. There are different events where you can donate blood, but you don’t have to wait; Red Cross accepts blood donations every day as long as you are in condition to give it (you have to be healthy and meet weight and age limitations).

Take care of the elderly

How many people you know who don’t live with their parents, or elderly people who live all alone? This is sad, because as you get older, you need help to complete some basic chores, and if the elderly are sick, it becomes even more difficult. Living in hospitals and retirement homes is not always an option because some people would not accept it or simply can’t afford it.

If you have elderly parents, relatives, or neighbors who need a helping hand around the house but you can’t help them out all the time, a great way to change their life for the better is to provide them with reliable in home care. This way, you will know that there is always someone by their side helping them out when you’re not around, keeping them safe and happy.


Pay someone a meal

How many times have you seen a person sitting on a bench, eating a piece of old bread? There are people who are hungry and probably didn’t have a decent meal in weeks or even months. You can make someone’s day by paying them a meal.

It can be as simple as taking some food outside (a box of pizza for example) and giving it to a person sitting on the pavement, or you can do a random act of kindness in a restaurant. When you see a person sitting and dining alone, ask a waiter to pay for their meal. You can be a kind and mysterious stranger and leave the place before they realize you did it.


Sometimes there is nothing you can offer besides your time and enthusiasm, and that is enough. You can become a volunteer and join others who do whatever they can to make the world a better place. Get in touch with someone from Red Cross, community kitchen, or your local church, and ask them if they need a helping hand; they will certainly appreciate it.


Help with a parking ticket

People are always in a hurry, and they don’t always make it back to their car in time to pay for another parking hour, so they end up with a fine. You never know why that happened – perhaps they had an emergency, or they couldn’t find spare change. It’s happened to us all at least once, and it makes everyone sad and angry when they get a parking ticket.

This is why you can help someone avoid getting a ticket by offering to pay for their parking when you see that a police officer is ready to find them. Leave them a note explaining what you did, and ask them to do the same for someone else in future. Who knows, maybe it will be you needing help next time.

Walls/hooks of kindness

There are people who don’t like others to know they are helping others, but there are also those who don’t want others to know that they need help. All over the world, there are so called ‘Walls of Kindness’ (‘Hooks of Kindness’ too) where people who can afford it leave clothes and food for those in need.

If you don’t have such a place in your city, you can leave small bundles of clothes or food in various places: parks, by the road, even tied to a dumpster. Those who need these things will certainly appreciate your effort and kindness.


Small acts of kindness

Small, random acts of kindness are the best because they don’t require any planning or too much effort, and they make people feel great. If you are waiting in a long line, let someone go in front of you, or pay a vehicle toll for someone who is behind you.

You can also let someone else use an empty parking spot in the parking lot, and hold the door for someone who comes behind you. Say ‘thank you’ when a bartender hands you your drinks and a cashier returns your card or your change; it will make their day.

Standing up for those who cannot do it for themselves is a noble act. You don’t have to donate thousands of dollars to charity or spend time in the streets handing out food or clothes to the homeless. Something as small as leaving a blanket or a piece of bread in a place where you’re sure they will be found is enough to help people survive another day.

Choose to be kind and generous whenever you can and you will make a difference in the world – it will be less sad and gloomy, and you will restore faith in humanity for those who have lost it long ago.

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