10 How to Tips to Stay Healthy When Travelling by Plane

By Selena Gerrish

October 9, 2013General1 Comment

Traveling by plane can be devastating and very tiring. However, it does not always have to be that way. Your head may be (figuratively) up in the clouds but you can keep your feet on the ground with the following tips on how to keep healthy when traveling by plane.
stay healthy traveling

1. Keep moving

  • Roll out your travel yoga carpet at center of the airport so as to have a full sun gesture episode prior to boarding. In case that is that is not somewhat your style, just relax because you can still do yoga without the mat or the huge space.
  • Keeping circulation flowing throughout a long journey is vital thus ensure you stretch out your thighs so that the energy can get its way down via your legs.
  • Stand up at the seat; take hold of your foot and stretch out in order to avoid getting a leg cramp.

2. Eat well

  • Except if you are bringing along your personal cook, you will most likely want to avoid the food provided by the airline. Quinoa salads are some of the airplane-friendly meals since they can fill you without being heavy. Also remember to pack in an adequate amount of nutrients and proteins to take you throughout the long flight.
  • Other ideas include bringing along a Ziploc bag packed with hemp seeds in order to provide extra protein.
  • Bring along some protein powder so that in case of an extended flight delay, you can frequently mix it with water or any other beverages offered by the airline.

3. Stay hydrated

  • Make sure you drink enough liquids before you hitting the security departure line and then indulge on what are currently the classiest water bottles worldwide once you are inside.
  • As the drinks pushcart rolls by, ensure to keep off coffee, alcohol as well as tea because these can dehydrate you even more.

4. Reinforce your immune system

  • Airplanes are basically huge germ celebrations with wings hence it is necessary to keep the immune system strong.
  • Ensure your neck bones. Also carry with you some lemon which you can squeeze into water in order to easily boost your vitamin C while on board.

5. Relax

  • However much time it takes you to chill out, it is an essential part of a healthy journey.
  • Even if you are hydrating your body well, exercising and eating flight friendly food, you must make sure that you are neither stressed out nor anxious because this will cancel out all the other efforts to keep a balance. Therefore, unwind and feel at home.

6. Listen to music

  • Still on the relaxation subject, keeping yourself busy with music is a perfect approach to relaxing your brain. The music has the ability to shift awareness and change the chemical activity of the brain.
  • I strongly advocate for the cheesy elevator music more often than not offered in the in-flight entertainment system of the airline.

7. Pack layers

  • The air condition in the plane may give the impression of being being helpful when you are just departing from a tropical climate; however the temperature change is harsh on the body.
  • If you are wearing a summer outfit for instance shorts, flip-tops and a tank top, ensure to carry along light scarf, a sweater and some socks.
  • If you’re shoulders, feet and neck warm enough then you out to be okay. Heat is very essential in sustaining healthy immunity, particularly when traveling.

8. Do not talk to strangers

  • It is fine to graciously decline a chat with your neighbor on board since traveling is one among the only times you can get pleasure from the calmness of your thoughts.
  • Therefore, do not be frightened to put on some earplugs and suppress the racket around you.

9. Keep the clock of your body ticking

  • When moving across different time zones, the jet-lag effect is brought about by a disturbance to the body’s clock. Whereas the move is unavoidable, you can keep away from mental and physical exhaustion by trying as much as possible to stick closely to the usual routine.
  • If you are either taking supplements or medications, try to get used to the new routine for the period you are away and take the medications at the same time every day. Also, try as much as possible to eat at the same time during the day.

10. Smile

  • Even though you cannot control others’ tempers, have in mind that you have control over your own tempers and a slight smile can do the magic.
  • Besides, you are either on the way back from a tranquil holiday, new escapade or you are just heading there.

There you have it, the ten strongly recommended tips to staying healthy while traveling by air. There is absolutely no doubt that you will reach your destination safely if you adhere to the tips mentioned above. In addition make sure you have your ESTA Visa handy if you are traveling to USA under the visa waiver program.

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One Response to “10 How to Tips to Stay Healthy When Travelling by Plane”
  1. I had never thought to focus so much energy on relaxation on flights but having read this article I can see how it would help my overall health, as I travel by plane regularly due to my job. Thanks for sharing!