10 Natural Ways to Reach the Healthiest Condition of Your Hair

By Selena Gerrish

June 2, 2016Hair CareNo comments

1. Shampoo your hair properly

If you want to reach the healthiest condition of your hair, you should start with your shampooing habits. According to the experts at Natural Hair Salon in New York, healthy hair starts in the shower, that’s why it’s extremely important to develop a proper washing routine. A lot of women make a mistake of shampooing their hair too often or even every day. girl with shiny hair1

An obsessive desire to keep your hair clean can lead to serious problems like dryness. Excessive washing distorts natural moisture balance of your locks, making them feel dehydrated and unhealthy. Reconsider your regular shampooing routine, and start washing your hair less often!

2. Condition on a regular basis

Regular conditioning is another shower habit you should take into account. A conditioner is considered to be a miracle in the world of hair care due to its nourishing and hydrating properties. If you ignore this product, you deprive your hair of an unbelievable source of moisture and nourishment, which are essential for healthy locks.

Experts at Natural Hair Salon in New York also underline the importance of the regularity when it comes to conditioning. That’s why you should condition your hair each time you shampoo! It’s also important to use a high-quality conditioner instead of 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner because the second one won’t bring the desired result.

3. Avoid extremely hot water

A hot shower is a great way to relax physically and mentally after an exhausting day at work/school/gym. Unfortunately, this way of time spending doesn’t bring the desired relaxation to all parts of our body. Our hair is not a big fan of the hot shower and hot water in particular.

Extremely high temperature in the shower is dangerous for our locks because it can wash away natural moisture and essential oils, which are essential for healthy hair. If you want your locks to feel strong and comfortable, you should avoid extreme temperatures in the shower. Switch to lukewarm water and your hair will appreciate it!

4. Choose your products wisely

Shopping is one the most favorite ways to spend the time of many women. It’s super important though to make wise choices during shopping when it comes to your hair. Decisions you make at the store affect the condition of your hair, that’s why you should be attentive.

It’s essential to choose hair products of high quality and with good ingredients. You should always read content and avoid the following ingredients: sulfates, alcohol, harsh detergents, and chemicals. Give your preference to products based on the natural extracts and oils because they ensure gentle and effective care. Moreover, remember that prices are decisive, so don’t let them trick you and read labels!

5. Block harmful UV radiation

When we laze in the sun, we don’t think about harmful radiation, which is very dangerous for our organism and hair. UV rays are not visible, but negative consequences from their effect are quite noticeable. It’s important to provide your hair with a thorough protection against the radiation to prevent a negative experience.

Firstly, you should always wear a hat when staying in the sun because it can block UV rays very effectively. Secondly, you should also use products with UV filters, which work like a sunscreen and can make your protection even stronger.

6. Maintain your scalp properly

Many people provide their hair with an awesome care but forget about their scalp, which isn’t less significant. The condition of your scalp has a direct influence on the condition of your hair, that’s why you should maintain it properly.

Firstly, you should avoid excessive exposure to heat: this rule concerns heated appliances, the sun, and the temperature of water. Extreme heat can make your scalp feel uncomfortable and unhealthy, that’s why you should avoid it at all cost. Secondly, you should treat your scalp with relaxing massages to promote bloodstream and make it feel healthier; moreover, it’s a great way to relax and take a break from your routine.

girl with shiny hair

7. Visit your hairdresser monthly

You should always do your best to take care of your hair, and professional help is an indispensable part of proper maintenance. Even though you can be awesome at something, an expert always knows and can do much more than you do.

It’s highly recommended to visit your hairdresser every month (or at least every other month) for regular trims. Ends are the weakest part of our hair, that’s why it’s essential to keep them fresh and healthy. Moreover, timely visits to your hairdresser can help to eliminate minor damage and prevent more serious hair problems!

8. Clarify your hair once a week

Clarifying shampoo is a very helpful product in your arsenal for a number of reasons. It’s a great weapon, which helps to eliminate nasty buildup from our hair and scalp. Dirt, dust, chemicals, and residue from hair products accumulate, creating a buildup. It plugs in your pores, making your scalp and hair suffocate and feel unhealthy. Clarifying shampoo helps to combat buildup effectively and quickly, so clarify at least once a week!

9. Start using dry shampoo

Sometimes it’s very difficult to keep your hair clean without over-washing it at the same time. As we’ve already established, excessive shampooing can lead to negative consequences, that’s why you should shampoo your hair not more often than every other day. If your hair is excessively oily, though, you should start using a dry shampoo. This product is very helpful at refreshing your locks quickly and effectively, so purchase it without any doubts!

10. Protect your hair when swimming

A swimming pool is one of the most favorite places of time spending for many women. It’s important to spend your free time wisely and avoid a negative experience, though. Pool water contains chemicals like chlorine, which can affect your locks negatively, that’s you should do your best to prevent damage.

We recommend rinsing your hair before and after swimming to minimize the effect of chemicals. You should also wear a swimming cap, which will provide your hair with a reliable protection against chlorine!

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